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Santa Fe mothers hope to raise money for the fallen

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

I am in awe and respect of the strength and dedication of the four Family Directors that serve on the Foundation's board: Shannan Claussen, mother of Christian Riley Garcia; Gail McLeod, mother of Kyle McLeod; Rosie Yanas Stone, mother of Chris Stone; and Robin Treat, mother of Angelique Ramirez. To face another day without their precious children, but to give their time and energy to a cause that will inspire hope and resilience in a community that lost so much on May 18, 2018. Help them get their Christmas Wish. Help us build the Memorial not only in tribute to the Ten lives we lost, but to provide the community a place of timeless remembrance and reflection.


The Galveston Daily News "Seaside Scenes" | December 12, 2020 | "Santa Fe mothers hope to raise money for the fallen"

Carla Peoples/Facebook | December 12, 2020 | "A very special Christmas Wish"

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