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Memorial Information Meeting

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

We did not pick the place. We did not pick the day. We did not pick the time. On May 18, 2018, shortly after 7:30 am, the art suite at Santa Fe High School would become an exacting place. A place that would impact the lives of thousands. For family members of the 10 victims, survivors from the art rooms, students and staff, first responders, and many others who carry the unseen scars of that day, the Memorial should be an exacting place as well.

Nine of the ten victims’ families, art room students, highly impacted staff and individuals choose for the Memorial to reside on sacred ground at the high school rather than an off-campus location that has no relevance or connection to the event. The Memorial is a place of intricate beauty, symbolically linked to remembrance of lives lost, resilience of our community, and offering nationally recognized educational programs to future students.

Learn about the educational opportunities for future students through the 9/11 Survivor Tree Seedling and Trees For Schools programs.

Read more about the historical context and importance of building a memorial on sacred ground.

Take our survey at the link below and leave comments on why a Memorial is important to you.

Register for the Run in Remembrance or join us as a volunteer.

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