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Run In Remembrance 2022

A day of remembrance. A day of honor. Never forget the Santa Fe Ten.

Our 2nd annual event was held on May 21, 2022 at Jack Brooks Park.


Pictures courtesy of Eugene McMillin with Lisa Johnson Photography.

Congratulations to our winners!


Female <17: 1st Chloe Simmons, 2nd Ariana Briones, 3rd Mea Slayton
Female 18 – 34: 1st Rachel Mathers, 2nd Jennifer Baldwin, 3rd Stormie Pak
Female 35 – 49: Traci Cranfill, 2nd Melissa Locklear, 3rd Christina Chitty
Female 50 – 64: 1st Joe Ellyson-Lein, 2nd April Small, 3rd Delilah Owens
Female 65+: 1st June Harris, 2nd Patricia Bouquet


Male <17: 1st Aiden Grenier, 2nd Keegan Vawter, 3rd Gavin Guillen
Male 18 – 34: 1st Regino Tallez, 2nd John Garcia, 3rd Dale Winter
Male 35 – 49: Jake Locklear, 2nd Patrick Elliott, 3rd Luke Stewart
Male 50 – 64: 1st Pascal Bolomey, 2nd Doug Lein, 3rd Alec Dobson
Male 65+: 1st Rudy Zepeda, 2nd Jim Abney

Thank you to our sponsors and silent auction donors for their generosity.



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