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Warrior Spirit

A Santa Fe Ten Memorial Remembrance Piece

On May 18, 2023, we will commemorate the 5-year anniversary of the mass shooting at Santa Fe High School with the unveiling of Warrior Spirit. The original composition by Erik Christianson represents an American Indian Warrior holding ten eagle feathers aloft, communing with the spirit world to honor the Ten souls taken too soon. In planning the design of Warrior Spirit, our vision is for the work of art to be a component of the permanent Memorial. This gift to the community is intended to honor the resilience and contributions that Native Nations have made throughout history and the strength of those affected by great tragedy. Warrior Spirit provides an opportunity to learn from stories as told through a statue of art, the voice of song, or the movement of dance. It represents an expression of unspoken language and traditions with monumental purpose and serves as an authentic and respectful celebration of departed ancestors - representing the spirit of warriors.


Our organization is a local nonprofit (EIN 84-3784872), and we would be truly honored for your participation or sponsorship of the Santa Fe Ten Memorial Warrior Spirit Dedication Ceremony. Please contact us if you would like to learn more at

“Warrior Spirit is our vision for the community as a whole… victims, survivors, and the City of Santa Fe. I feel this piece unites us all.” 
– Rosie Stone, Chris Stone’s mother

Warrior Spirit Progress Videos

Sneak peek at Warrior Spirit begins at 13:55.

Start of Warrior Spirit molding process begins at 5:38.

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Warrior Spirit would not be possible without a generous contribution provided by the Patrick F. Doyle Saltwater Invitational Fishing Tournament, South Land Title, LLC, and the Family of Patrick and Stephanie Doyle in honor of the Ten victims, their families, survivors, students, and our community. Assistance is needed to help raise an additional $70,000 necessary to complete this work of art and installation by the 5-year anniversary on May 18, 2023.

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