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Jdsu Smartclass Ethernet Usb Driver




- 2007 - openhardware ====== sjs FWIW this isn't a crack or hack, it's the normal way to develop for open hardware. Most of the modern gear like the openwrt router has open source drivers. Sometimes they take a little work to get working but it's the same issue faced by anyone developing any device on a new platform (and the same issue faced by just about anyone who wants to develop for or buy a modern device). ~~~ soylentgraham So this is more or less a prelude to asking for help. Do you think this has a higher probability of success than, say, calling out for help at the end of the comment like "hello I'm having problems here - I'm a computer programmer by trade and I've dabbled with Linux - I don't know enough about Linux to even Google it"? I'm willing to bet the answer is no, but I'm interested in seeing it stated precisely like that. wazoox > I'm interested in seeing it stated precisely like that. You're being too hard on him. Yes, it's stupid, yes, there is a stack of popular media feeding this idea that it's easy to do whatever you want, and yes, it's all FUD. But it's _not_ stupid to ask for help on the internet (or anywhere else), and it's certainly not stupid to try to do what you're good at. Plus, we may be missing a lot of information from a text file, or there may be some obscure option to use. Finally, a simple simple hello world like that works fine, then again, some people have trouble even building a simple hello world. Some of them actually end up with a working one, which is quite impressive in the field of microcontroller and PIC development. ------ nallerooth I wrote some drivers for OpenWRT, and I find OpenWRT development to be pretty lame. When I first started using OpenWRT, I was amazed at how easy it was to flash your router (no internet required, just plug it in the router, type'make' and it'll just work), configure it, and make it



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Jdsu Smartclass Ethernet Usb Driver

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